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Federated Department of History


The history faculty at Rutgers University-Newark and NJIT are joined in a single federated department that offers an integrated curriculum and joint undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

The Federated Department of History offers its students a wide range of excellent resources for the study of history, including:

  • an outstanding faculty with nationally and internationally known scholars and teachers
  • a broad selection of undergraduate and graduate course offerings, with extensive coverage of major historical periods and regions, from the ancient Middle East to contemporary America, Africa, and China, and a unique undergraduate and graduate program in the history of Technology, Environment and Medicine/Health
  • opportunities for original research and writing, with particular emphasis upon the craft of historical writing
  • internships with the New Jersey Historical Society, the Newark Museum, and other local cultural institutions
  • eligibility to participate in teacher certification programs offered by the Education Department at Rutgers University, Newark
  • opportunities to share in the resources and facilities of both institutions, including the extensive library holdings of the Rutgers University system

How You Will Learn

The Department's undergraduate mission is twofold: to introduce students to the breadth and depth of the human experience by a comparative study of past and contemporary societies and cultures, and to develop their ability to conduct research, analyze and assess evidence, and articulate sound conclusions both orally and in writing.

The Department is also committed to a curriculum that explores the diversity resulting from such factors as ethnic, social, and gender differences. All our students thus acquire knowledge and skills that help them develop as informed, engaged, and thoughtful citizens. The study of history plays therefore a distinctive and central role in any strong liberal arts curriculum. History majors in particular will be prepared to pursue successful careers as teachers, academics, lawyers, civil servants, journalists, and of course historians in private or public agencies.

The mission of all our graduate programs is to prepare students to engage in the most rigorous historical inquiry and debate. All our students learn how to design and conduct archival research and hone their skills in responding to historiographical debate in both academic and public contexts. MAT students also pursue skills that will translate into pedagogical success in the classroom.

Karen Caplan

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Welcome to the Federated Department of History at Rutgers University-Newark.

The Federated Department of History at Rutgers-Newark and NJIT includes 25 and 9 members respectively. As a Federated Department, students from Rutgers and NJIT are able to take history courses offered on both campuses during the academic year  as well as during the two summer terms.

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Karen Caplan
Associate Professor and Chair of History

Boris von Faust giving a presentation to a group of people. He stands next to a projected picture of eight men behind a desk.

Alumni Spotlight

Boris von Faust

"The Archaeological Field School in Sabina, Upper Tiberina... was one of the brightest highlights of my entire life"

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