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We are here to support your studies.

We can help to clarify key course concepts and through peer led discussion refine your understanding. Please do your best to be as prepared as you can to fully participate in the tutoring session - attend all your classes, read your textbooks, prepare and review well organized and copious notes, participate in class discussions and attempt to work your homework to the best of your ability before seeking assistance. Visit our tutoring page or click on Penji, our new tutor scheduling platform launching Summer II, 2022.  We recommend that you use the Penji Android or IOS app that can be downloaded from your mobile app marketplace.  Click here for a brief overview of Penji features.


How You Will Learn

Our tutors receive extensive initial and ongoing training. The majority are peer tutors who have received at least a B+ in the courses that they wish to tutor. Most have taken these courses here at RU-N. In addition, every tutor has a solid overall academic record not falling below a 3.0. Finally, our tutors provide personal and caring service and stress the benefits of early preparation and regular study.

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