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About SASN

The School of Arts & Sciences-Newark is the largest school at Rutgers University-Newark and the second largest in the entire Rutgers system. From neuroscience to studio art you can make an impact in the dynamic city of Newark.

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Largest School at Rutgers (Statewide)
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In Newark, Of Newark

New Jersey’s largest city has a rich history, vibrant present, and even brighter future. Continually transforming itself, Newark is on the move, with a thriving arts and food scene; attracting investment in housing, healthcare, education and research.

As a remarkably diverse, urban, public research university, Rutgers University-Newark (RU-N) is not just in Newark, but of Newark—an anchor to our home city. Our location is both a defining influence in our story and a distinctive strength, attracting and cultivating a wide range of talent, including students eager for the opportunities afforded by a first-rate higher education in a major urban center, faculty producing high-impact scholarship while preparing these students for professional success, and exceptional staff committed to advancing our research, teaching, and community engagement within an inclusive campus culture focused on excellence.

The School of Arts & Sciences-Newark's plays a key role as the liberal arts college at the center of it all. From visual arts to the humanities and social sciences. From the natural sciences to a revitalized teaching program, our school "SASN" is the body and soul of our campus and the best opportunity to explore different career paths at Rutgers-Newark. 

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"Welcome to the School of Arts & Sciences-Newark"

Arts & Sciences & You

The School of Arts & Sciences-Newark offers an outstanding liberal arts and science curriculum to all undergraduate students at RU-N, while providing excellence in pre-professional studies such as medicine and health, law, engineering and social work. With nearly 40 undergraduate majors, we provide opportunities for academic exploration in a wide range of studies; from studio art to neuroscience, you can make an impact.

We offer an intimate educational experience with small class sizes, while enabling you to work side by side with world-class faculty both in the classroom and through undergraduate research opportunities in the field of your choice. Whether your major is in the arts or the sciences, or even if you are still undecided, you can take courses with top faculty in the liberal arts, along with award-winning novelists, poets, painters and filmmakers. You'll learn from, and can even assist, scientists doing innovative research in biology, chemistry, psychology and neurosciences right from the start of your undergraduate career.

As you pursue your degree with students from all over the world as well as our home city—at the most diverse college campus in the U.S.—you’ll develop an expansive worldview while gaining the knowledge, critical thinking skills, and hands-on experience that is sure to set you apart as you enter the job market or apply to graduate school. And you'll do it supported not only by your professors, advisors and peers but by an extensive alumni network ready to help you make your mark in your chosen area of expertise.

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