When Did the Revolution End?

WHEN DID THE REVOLUTION END? memories of transition in the aftermath of the Portuguese ‘Carnation Revolution’ of 1974 | a lecture-performance by Joana Craveiro, archivist-artist in residency at the Price Institute

“When did the revolution end?” is part of Joana Craveiro’s “Living Museum of Small Forgotten and Unwanted Memories”, a monumental 6-hour performance addressing memories of the Portuguese Dictatorship (1926-74) and Revolution (1974-75).

In “When did the revolution end?” Craveiro uses her own autobiography and postmemory gaze to interrogate utopias, uchronias, memories and disappointments of an historical episode that engaged the dreams and hopes of many.

In 26 April 2022, Craveiro performed a low-tech version of this performance at Clement A. Price Institute, Rutgers University.

Recorded by Claudia Sepúlveda.