Visual Haiku

How to make a Visual Haiku 

The main idea of a Visual Haiku is to create a visually poetic composition by capturing the essence of familiar objects, private gardens, external walks, moods, and feelings of your everyday life.

For this project, we request three images you’ve created of your quarantine. They should be all vertical or all horizontal. Plus include a text not longer than 60 words total that includes:

  • title and descriptive text
  • your real name or preferred username (optional)
  • location
  • date

Community rules

  1. Use respectful language This is a space to celebrate diversity and creation. We want everyone to be motivated to participate and that starts with the language: personal attacks will not be tolerated. Disrespectful comments and hateful words will not be tolerated.

  2.  Appropriate use of images When sending us a submission, each person needs to be responsible for ensuring the acceptable and safe use of images making sure that they are not in any way inappropriate and also that they are not infringing on copyrights.

  3. Everything has its moment and place. Please do not use this group to promote or sell articles, services, or works.

Who is behind the project 

 THE AUTHOR is the person who submits the photographs to The Clement A. Price Institute.

STATEMENT When sending your haiku and your photos to the Clement A. Price Institute, you state and accept that: (i) The photographs are original creations and of your own authorship. (ii) The photographs have been taken on the occasion for the "Visual Haiku" and that they are not part of other works, projects, or productions, in whole or in part. (iii) The photographs have been taken with the prior and express consent of the people who appear in them. (iv) You have the copyright of the photographs according to the legislation in force in the USA. (v) In case of being a minor, you have the due authorization of one of your parents or guardians to send the photographs to the “ Visual Haiku” LICENSING AND SCOPE OF THE CALL The AUTHOR grants the Clement A. Price Institute a non-exclusive license use, for all territories of the world and until the photographs enter the public domain, with the purpose of carrying out the following acts in digital and analogue media:  Reproduction, distribution and making available the photographs in "Visual Haiku”.

The Clement A. Price Institute holds the right to publish or not publish submissions. 


Send us your visual haiku to Please note that by submitting your visual haiku, you agree to the terms and conditions listed above. Your haiku may appear on the Price Institute webpage and social media pages.