Subjects Needed  - Fall 2021

College Algebra for Science and Business
College Algebra for Humanities
Elementary Differential Equations
Intermediate Algebra
Linear Algebra
Math for Liberal Arts
Pre-Calculus, Applied Calculus, Calc I, II, III

Probability and Statistics
Statistics I

Foundations of Biology
General Biology I, II

General Chemistry I, II
Organic Chemistry I, II

Corporate Finance
Intro to Supply Chain
Production Operations Management (POM)

Comp. Prog I, II
Computer Organization
Data Structures
Discrete Structures

Statistical Methods

Planet Earth
Environmental Geology

Psychology Statistical Methods
Social Research II



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Tutor Application Form

Tutor Availability Form

Fully complete these two documents and also include your unofficial transcript and resume, mail to Please only send documents in .PDF or .DOC format. Do not send multiple emails or use other methods of delivery. Either send one email with all documents attached or deliver all documents in one visit. If you need to wait for a document please do so until you have gathered them all. If you do not have a resume because you do not have a work history create one only including your educational history and contact information. Your documents will be reviewed and you will receive a request for interview within a short period. Call (973) 353-5608 for more information. You won't be contacted if you do not follow these instructions.

Visit to download a copy of your Rutgers unofficial transcripts.We will be accepting applications until all positions are filled.