Tutors meet with students in groups and individually. This is a key position that requires patience, empathy, excellent English language and writing skills and the willingness to learn relevant educational theory. If you are an undergraduate who has earned a minimum GPA of 3.3 and a minimum grade of 3.5 in course(s) that you wish to tutor you may apply to be a tutor. While we will consider outstanding undergraduate transfer students, we prefer to hire undergraduates who have taken the coursework that they wish to tutor at Rutgers University and who therefore and at least have a GPA history at Rutgers, who can tutor a variety of subjects, and who are available to tutor for at least 4.5 hours per week. For the most part, we prefer sophomores and juniors but will consider exceptional first years and seniors with particular skill sets.  When not seeing students tutors are requested in engage in other RLC related activities such as front desk monitoring.

Graduate and professional tutors must provide evidence of additional training or experience beyond the undergraduate level in the subject area that they wish to tutor. Having graduated is necessary but not sufficient condition to request graduate status.


Office Assistants provide clerical support to RLC staff. This is a key position that requires dependability, punctuality, detail orientation, courtesy and a friendly demeanor. Office assistants should be computer literate and familiar with typical office procedures. Preference is given to students who have work-study allotments. To apply, please contact Al Brown, Director of the Rutgers Learning Center, at abrown@newark.rutgers.edu.  We are currently only interviewing office assistants with work study allotments.


Evening Supervisors provide administration and supervisory support during our evening and Saturday operating hours. The position is open to graduate students only and requires a successful work history, trustworthiness, and excellent decision-making skills. To apply, please contact Al Brown, Director of the Rutgers Learning Center, at abrown@newark.rutgers.edu.