NJ Community College AA/AS Degree Holders

Students who are admitted to either the Newark College of Arts and Sciences (NCAS) or University College-Newark (UC-N) after successfully completing an A.A. or A.S. degree from a New Jersey community college may be exempt from Core Curriculum requirements and will begin Rutgers University- Newark in their third year of study.


  • Degree must be completed and earned prior to starting Rutgers University
  • Degree must have been earned in January 2005 or thereafter
  • Student must have completed the required general education curriculum as a part of their degree (see below)

The credits taken at the community college awarding the degree and required for that degree program are accepted for transfer credit, up to a maximum of 60-65 credits.

Required General Education Curriculum

Course Categories AA Credits AS Credits  
  • Must be English Composition I and II (and a speech course for AA holders).
9 6  
Mathematics, Science, Technology
  • Must be at least one math course, and one science course. 
12 9
Social Science 6 3-6

AS holders:
3 in one AND
6 in the other

Humanities 9 3-6
History 6 0  
Diversity Courses
  • Diversity or Global Perspectives course
3 0
Unassigned General Electives 0 6

*For more information on RU-Newark policy please refer to the College Catalog