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All students who wish to reenroll into the Newark College of Arts and Sciences or University College-Newark (and were not academically dismissed) must submit the online Reenrollment Application.

All students who wish to enroll into the Newark College of Arts & Sciences or University College-Newark and were previously academically dismissed from Rutgers University, must apply for Reinstatement (please see below).

All students who have been out of Rutgers-Newark NCAS or UC-N for any period of seven or more consecutive years may elect to use the Grade Forgiveness Policy.  All students, no matter when they have returned, may elect to use this policy.


1. Criteria for Re-Enrollment into the Newark College of Arts & Sciences or University College-Newark

  • Credits
    • Students must have completed a minimum of one academic term as a matriculated student at Rutgers University.
  • Other
    • Students must indicate on their application if they have been or are currently under review for disciplinary action.

2. Conditions

  • Academic conditions will be noted in the notification message to reenrolling applicants.

3. Required Documents

  • The Office of the Registrar at the Rutgers University-Newark campus will automatically record the applicant’s Rutgers University academic transcript after the student’s acceptance for re-enrollment at RutgersNewark.
  • All official transcripts should be submitted by email, if the transcript is coming directly from the college/university:, or mailed to:

                     University Enrollment Services Admissions Processing,

                     Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

                     65 Davidson Road, Room 308

                     Piscataway, NJ 08854-8097

  • International Students---Academic credentials from a foreign country may be required. If so, these credentials must be evaluated by World Education Services. The credit evaluation must be submitted to Office of Admissions, 190 University Avenue, Newark, NJ 07102.


4. Graduation Requirements

5. Application Deadline and Procedures/Notification Schedule

  • Students interested in applying for re-enrollment to the Newark College of Arts and Sciences must submit the online application for reenrollment according to the schedule online
  • Students are limited to one school/college choice and to one application submission each semester.
  • Applicants will receive notification of the re-enrollment decision via the email address provided on the application.

6. Advising and Registration Information

  • Advising/registration instructions will be given in the acceptance letter for re-enrollment admitted students.

7.  College Enrollment

  • By submitting a re-enrollment application, a student declares his/her intention to enroll at the Newark College of Arts and Sciences for the following term. The Office of the Registrar at Rutgers-Newark will change the student’s academic record to indicate the student’s school of registration as Newark College of Arts and Sciences, school code #21, upon acceptance of the re-enrollment application.

8. Withdrawal of Application

  • Prior to a decision, an applicant may withdraw his/her application by visiting the status screen and clicking on "Withdraw My Application."

9.  Withdrawal after Re-Enrollment

  • If a re-enrolled student is unable to enroll at the Newark College of Arts and Sciences, he/she must notify the Office of Academic Services at (973) 353-5800 so that his/her college of registration may be modified accordingly. Without this notice, the college of registration will remain as Newark College of Arts and Sciences, school code #21.

10.  University Housing

  • Students may contact University Housing at (973) 353-1037/1073 or visit their website for additional information and the downloadable housing application.

11.  Accommodations Under ADA/Section 504

12.  Education Opportunity Fund (EOF)

  • Students applying for re-enrollment must reapply for the EOF program because there is no guarantee that students will continue to receive funds through the EOF program.
  • Students who have questions about EOF funding should call (973) 353- 1657 or visit the EOF website at

13.  Financial Aid

  • For information about financial aid, re-enrolled students should contact the Office of Financial Aid at (973) 353-5151.

14.  Student Accounting


College Contact: 


Dean Spenser Nyfenger

Office of Academic Services 


Telephone: 973-353-5800



A student who has been dismissed from Rutgers University and wishes enroll into the Newark College of Arts and Sciences or University College Newark may request reinstatement into the college. The student must wait a minimum of one year after the date of dismissal before making such a request and must show proof of successful college-level work at another institution when applying to the Scholastic Standing Committee. Students who have been academically dismissed from the Newark College of Arts and Sciences or University College-Newark may not be reinstated through the regular readmission or school-to-school admissions processes.

To request reinstatement, a Request for Reinstatement form, available from the Office of Academic Services, must be completed and submitted to the Scholastic Standing Committee, c/o Office of Academic Services, via email at by December 1 (for spring semester readmission) or June 15 (for fall semester readmission). The completed form and any supplemental materials can be emailed to by the specified deadline stated above.

Upon review of a properly completed and documented Request for Reinstatement form, the Scholastic Standing Committee may reinstate a dismissed student. Such students will be notified in writing to make an appointment to see a member of the Scholastic Standing Committee. A course of action to improve the student's academic standing will be specified in an academic contract, which may include a limitation on extracurricular activities or the number of credits carried and/or changes in the student's program of study. Students who are reinstated remain on probation and must fulfill the terms of their academic contract or face another dismissal from the school. Students dismissed from the Newark College of Arts and Sciences or University College-Newark a second time for failure to meet any of the standards listed for dismissal above are not eligible to return to any matriculating program or unit within the Newark College of Arts and Sciences or University College Newark.

Students who are denied reinstatement must wait at least a full year before applying for reinstatement to Newark College of Arts and Sciences or University College-Newark.


For further information please contact:

Office of Academic Services