Pre-Professional Shadowing & Internships

Shadowing & Internship Placement

Students may develop their professional skills through a variety of resources through Pre-Professional Services. We assist students with their professional development needs in order to successfully prepare them for a career in medicine, law, engineering, and pharmacy. Students may attend workshops and panels that will provide them with valuable information from professionals in their field of interest.

Pre-Professional Services also offers shadowing and internship opportunities for pre-health and pre-law students. These real-world experiences give students an opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge they have acquired in the classroom. 

All positions are available on RaiderNet, an employer database offered by the Career Development Center (CDC) in which students can apply by submitting their resume. Resumes must be "approved" without errors by a career counselor. Please utilize the CDC's walk-in schedule to review or update your resume.

Accessing your RaiderNet account

Please log-on to your RaiderNet account with your RU ID and password.


Shadowing/Internship Opportunities

Looking for a shadowing or internship opportunity? Get direct experience about what it is like to work in these fields by applying to any of the following opportunities through your RaiderNet account today! For job descriptions, search the Job IDS on RaiderNet.

Pre-Health Shadowing Sites

Optometry: Drs. Barnes and Carter, LLC (Montclair, NJ)

Dentistry: Contemporary and Laser Dentistry (Nutley, NJ)

Physical Therapy: Maximum Performance Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation (North Arlington, NJ) & Gotham City Orthopedics (Clifton, NJ)

Orthopedics: Gotham City Orthopedics

Veterinary Medicine:

  • West Orange Animal Hospital
  • VCA Iselin Animal Hospital


  • Dr. Marc Haspel, DPM (Clifton, NJ)
  • John A. Brandeisky, DPM (Freehold, NJ)
  • Philip J. Obiedzinski, DPM (Rutherford, NJ)
  • Terry Spilken, DPM (Livingston, NJ)
  • Michael Subik, DPM (Lyndhurst, NJ)


How to Apply


Looking for a shadowing or internship opportunity in the law or the health care field?

Simply follow these four steps in order to apply on RaiderNet, a job portal for Rutgers University-Newark students offered by the Career Development Center.


1. Log on to your RaiderNet account with your RU ID and password.

2. Attend a walk-in period to get your resume reviewed by the Career Development Center (CDC) in Hill 313 or Hill 112. No appointment necessary.

3. After making the edits suggested by a career counselor, upload your revised resume to your RaiderNet account.

4. A career counselor will review your resume and either "approve" your resume or e-mail you with revisions to your resume.

*Resumes must be “approved" by a career counselor in order to apply for positions. Meaning, there must be no errors and your resume must follow the guidelines set forth by the Career Development Center.

  • If your resume status says "approved"-- you may apply to the job posting.
  • If your resume status says "declined"-- you must make the suggested edits from a career counselor to your resume. Upload your resume again and await feedback from a career counselor. Continue doing so until your resume status says "approved".

Note: It is strongly recommended to attend another walk-in period after your first revision to your resume in order to expedite the resume approval process.