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About the BA/JD Program

The BA/JD Dual-Degree Program, is offered in partnership with the School of Arts & Sciences-Newark and the Rutgers Law School.  This accelerated program enables highly accomplished students to complete both a Bachelor of Arts or Science and a Juris Doctor in six years, rather than the customary seven. Students participating in this accelerated program complete their first year of law school courses during their fourth year as undergraduates. To prepare for this fourth year, they must complete all undergraduate course requirements in the Core Curriculum and in their chosen major, as well as compile a minimum of 91 credits during their first three years at the School of Arts & Sciences-Newark. The 29 credits required during the first year of law school count toward both degrees.  Successful completion of the student’s first year required law courses will qualify students for a waiver of the NCAS second concentration requirement.

Upon successful completion of the students’ first year required law courses, BA/JD students are awarded their bachelor’s degrees at the end of their fourth year and are eligible to participate in the School of Arts & Sciences-Newark graduation ceremonies at that time. The Juris Doctor is typically awarded after two additional years as a full-time law student, on successful completion of the required 84 total course credits in the Law School and of all other J.D. requirements.



To qualify for admission to the BA/JD program, SASN students will apply to the Law School during their third year of study and must demonstrate superior academic ability and maturity. Students must meet the following minimum criteria:

·         A minimum Rutgers GPA of 3.400 in at least 45 credits taken at Rutgers

·         Appropriate completion of degree requirements (core curriculum and major with degree credits totaling a minimum of 91) by the end of the third year.

·         Satisfactory performance on the LSAT (completed no later than December of third year of undergraduate coursework)


Application to the BA/JD Program

School of Arts & Sciences-Newark students must declare their “Intent to Apply” to the BA/JD program by September 15th of their sophomore year.  Students are highly encouraged to declare their interest in this program as early as possible in their academic career at RU-Newark (after their first semester at RU-Newark)

Prospective applicants should schedule an initial consultation with Pre-Professional Services, Pre-Law advisor,Dean Fellenz.  You can contact Dean Fellenz by e-mail at or call (973) 353-5800.


Application to the Rutgers Law School

Students who wish to apply to the Rutgers Law School through the BA/JD program must apply by January 15th of their junior year, and must complete the application process required of all applicants to the Law School. Students must take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) by no later than December of their junior year. At least 91 degree credits, and all portions of the NCAS core curriculum and major, other than any which may be determined to be satisfied by first year law school courses, must be completed before matriculation at the Law School. The Law School will admit students who meet all admissions requirements; however, failure to achieve the requisite LSAT score will not automatically result in denial of admission to the Law School.

Applicants to the Dual Degree program should present evidence of strong analytical and writing skills. To ensure that they have had opportunities for research, seminar, and or independent study experiences expected of applicants to the Rutgers School of Law, students should complete:

1) At least one course from the Legal Studies minor core course offerings (43:600:101 Intro to American Law; 21:512:265 American Legal History I; or 21:512:266 American Legal History II);

2) At least two courses deemed as “Writing Intensive” by the university (which are also a graduation requirement)

3) An advanced level seminar or independent study in their major field of study no later than their junior year. Additionally, it is recommended that students consider taking courses from the Legal Studies minor offerings, which includes selected courses from the following disciplines: History, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, Writing, and Rutgers School of Law-Newark. Students should also demonstrate proficiency in computer use, including at a minimum word processing, email, and internet research.

Rutgers Law School reserves the right to deny admission to any person who is not deemed of good character and/or has been charged with, arrested for, or convicted of the violation of any law (other than minor traffic violations), dismissed, expelled, suspended or disciplined within Rutgers or elsewhere for academic or any other reason.



During the student’s first three years of matriculation at SASN, students will be charged tuition and fees at the rate set for that School by the University. They will also be charged the then-current SASN tuition and fees during each year of matriculation at the Rutgers School of Law. Financial aid for students who are admitted into the program will be calculated in accordance with the then-current student eligibility policies of the School of Matriculation, and administered by that School.



Students interested in the BA/JD program need careful advising in order to satisfy college requirements in a timely fashion and qualify for admission to the Law School. The following pre-law advisors serve as the primary point of contact during the first three years; however, students should regularly consult the advisor for their chosen major as well.

·        Dean Fellenz:



Rutgers University–Newark

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