Pre-Health Application Cycle

What is a Committee Evaluation?

The Committee Sponsorship Process is how Rutgers University-Newark formally presents you as a candidate to a Health Professions school (i.e. medical, dental, etc.).  Your strengths and attributes as an applicant are summarized in a "Committee Letter" of evaluation which accompanies the individual letters of recommendation that are forwarded to Health Profession schools.

We are pleased to see that you have reached the point in your journey where you have completed much of the required course work for your pre-health profession. You are now arriving to the point in your academic career where all you may have to do is apply. The process can be long and nerve wrecking, with many important steps. By doing your research now, you are taking a huge step forward towards your career. In general, professional schools are concerned with: 

  • Overall and science GPA
  • Standardized Exam (i.e. MCAT/DAT/OAT)
  • Personal Statement
  • Clinical Exposure to medicine/dentistry, etc.
  • Activities and leadership, particularly related to community service and volunteerism
  • Research
  • Interpersonal Skills

Many resources exist to assist you in this process. However, the final responsibility for adhering to timelines and the quality of your application rests with you.

How Will You Know You Are Ready? Here are questions you should ask yourself:

  • Have you met with a Pre-Health advisor yet? Will at least one advisor in the office recognize you as an applicant?
  • Will your numbers be sufficiently strong?
  • Will your medically-related experiences be sufficiently strong?
  • Will you be able to share “clinical” interactions and express your ability and passion for clinical care?
  • Do you have experience relating to others in significantly different life circumstances?
  • Are you in a position to have assembled a complete set of recommendations by June 2018?


Applicants with an up-to date “Health Professions File” with our office who do not meet the criteria for Committee Sponsorship or who choose not to complete the appropriate steps for a committee evaluation can be provided with a “Non-sponsorship Letter,” also known as a "letter packet."  The office will submit the individual letters of recommendation on file to the identified professional schools with a cover letter from our office.

First-Time Applicants

The Office of Pre-Professional Services strongly encourages both undergraduate and post-bac students to meet with a pre-health advisor  to assist in the preparation for admission to the health professions and the committee sponsorship process.

The following steps must be completed for first-time applicants:

  • Open a Health Professions File by the fall semester before you intend to apply
  • Attend a mandatory Application Cycle Workshop (Fall semester before applying)
  • Complete Intent to Apply Form (form distributed at the mandatory Application Cycle workshop)
  • Complete Health Professions Committee Application by the deadline indicated in the Mandatory Application Cycle Workshop 

If you are a re-applicant of less than three years, please visit the Re-Applicants page.

*Note:  If you applied more than three years ago, please follow the First-Time Applicant Timeline.


Who is considered a re-applicant?

  • Any student who has worked with the office of Pre-Professional Services and applied to medical, dental or another professional school within the last three years.
  • Any student who has successfully completed a previous Health Professions Committee Evaluation process and has a committee letter on file. 

What is the re-applicant timeline to be eligible for a committee evaluation?

  • Review/submit important Re-Application Cycle/Checklist information Found below


Due by June 1st

  • Schedule an appointment with a Pre-Health Advisor.  During this appointment, re-applicants will:
    • Complete the Intent to Re-Apply Form
    • Update their Health Professions File by providing updated:
      • Personal statement
      • Transcripts
      • Resume
      • Photo
      • List of activities over the course of the year
      • Supplemental statement
  • Submit At least 1 new letter of recommendation
  • MCAT/DAT scores
  • Application ID# 
  • List of Schools
  • Interview may be required

**Submit earlier if possible!**

What if I applied more than three years ago?

  • Option 1: Letter packet may be submitted on your behalf (non-sponsorship)
  • Option 2: Follow the First-Time Applicant Cycle

*Note:  Please contact Pre-Professional Services as soon as possible to review what your available options are at this time.

Letters of Recommendation

You sign a Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) statement for each letter.  Additionally, you are responsible for monitoring all aspects of requesting and collecting your individual letters of recommendation.

  • An ideal set of recommendations would include:
    • 2 science faculty (mandatory)
    • 1-2 non-science faculty
    • 1-2 outside of academics (e.g., supervisor, coach)

Questions to Consider:

  • Who should you ask?  Who should you not ask?
    •  Choose your recommenders carefully!
  • What if you don’t have enough faculty recs?

Your goal: To have all 3-5 letters submitted by April of your intended application cycle

Helpful Tips when Requesting a Letter:

  • Make an appointment to meet in person if at all possible. 
  • Allow the person the option of saying NO.
  • Give plenty of advance notice and time to write a good LOR (at least one month).
  • Provide appropriate materials (Resume, Evaluation Sheet, transcript—optional).
  • Be professional about reminders.
  • Write a thank you note to each recommender.
  • Follow up with outcomes and thank them again for their assistance and support. 
  • Be professional.