Joint Degree Programs with RU SHP

Other Health Professions

Pre-Professional Services advises students on the various health professions, including major options that exist at Rutgers University-Newark.  While medicine and dentistry tend to be the health professions that most students are familiar with, there are hundreds of health careers that students can consider which would lead to fulfilling careers in patient health.

Students may explore a vast array of Allied Health or Health-related professions on our Resources page, at and at The Definitive Guide to Healthcare Careers.  Keep in mind that allied health professionals make up an approximate 60% of the health professions workforce. With exploring your options and exposing yourself to the field, there is sure to be a health career that is right for you.


Rutgers School of Health Profession (SHP)

The following list of majors will lead to a joint Bachelor of Science degree from School of Arts & Sciences-Newark and the Rutgers School of Health Professions.  Additionally, completion of the following programs will count as a student's first major and second concentration.  Therefore, completion of an additional concentration (i.e. a minor, second major) is not necessary for graduation.