Pre-Engineering Curriculum Tracks

Pre-Engineering Tracks

Biomedical Engineering

      First Year Curriculum


Chemical Engineering

     First Year Curriculum


Civil Engineering

      First Year Curriculum


Electrical and Computer Engineering

      First Year Curriculum


Mechanical Engineering

      First Year Curriculum


Math Placement

All newly admitted first-year students take Rutgers University's mathematics placement exam prior to registering for their first semester.  The mathematics placement exam is designed to provide information about students' individual skills in mathematics.  The computer-based ACCUPLACER placement exam results will be used to place students in the course appropriate to their level of preparation.  In some cases, this may be a developmental course.

It is crucial that students seriously prepare for their placement exam.  Students admitted with an interest in the Engineering Transfer Program are expected to begin with Calculus I.  For those students who place below Calculus I, there are several options available. 

  1. Students may take another placement exam through the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.
  2. Students may take their mathematics course during the summer prior to their first semester.

Students who change their mathematics placement by means of 1 or 2 (above) should immediately contact the engineering advisor to have their course schedule adjusted.

  • If a student's placement is intermediate algebra, then they need to follow this curriculum.
  • If a student's placement is college algebra, then they need to follow this curriculum
  • If a student's placement is precalculus, then they need to follow this curriculum.
  • If a student's placement is calculus, then they need to follow this curriculum.

Note: Students who place below Calculus I will not be eligible to take specific required science courses, and may be required to take courses in the summer to meet the program requirements.