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The 7-Year BA/MD joint degree program is designed for high school seniors interested in pursuing a medical degree upon completion of their bachelor's degree. The program offers a guaranteed admission to medical school provided you maintain certain minimum progress requirements. The BA/MD program is offered jointly between the School of Arts & Sciences-Newark and the New Jersey Medical School at Rutgers University


Minimum Application Requirements

Admission to the BA/MD program is highly competitive. Applicants MUST meet the following minimum requirements to be considered:

  • Achieve a minimum of 1400 on the SAT-I (critical reading and math combined) in one test administration. Note: Only test scores through October will be considered for the BA/MD program. If you plan to take the SAT after October, you should still have your scores sent to Rutgers for scholarship consideration. However, scores from tests taken later than October will not be factored into the BA/MD review process.
  • An ACT composite score of 32 and above will be accepted in lieu of SAT scores. NOTE: Only test scores through October of your senior year will be considered for the BA/MD program. If you plan to take the ACT after October, you should still have your scores sent to Rutgers for scholarship consideration. However, scores from tests later than October will not be factored into the BA/MD review process. If you have taken both the SAT and the ACT, you may submit both sets of scores, or whichever test qualifies you for the program.
  • Be enrolled in their senior year of high school at the time of application
  • NJMS requires applicants to have US citizenship or permanent residency for matriculation into its program. 


BA/MD Program (NJMS-NWK)


If you meet ALL of the requirements and would like to apply to the 7-year BA/MD program, please complete the following by November 1st:

  • Apply to Rutgers University online selecting "Newark College of Arts and Sciences" as one of your school choices and "Med Joint BA/MD" as your Academic Interest.
  • Have the College Board submit your SAT-I score electronically to Rutgers University (code 2765).
  • Once you apply to Rutgers University-Newark and indicate your interest in BA/MD.
  • Complete the Rutgers University Self Reported Academic Record (SRAR) online at
  • Complete and submit the BA/MD supplemental application:
  • For any questions pertaining to the application to Rutgers, please contact Admissions at (Phone: 973-353-1766)
  • If you experience challenges submitting the supplemental BA/MD application into the portal, please contact SASN IT: Email:

    Please be aware that below are the items that will need to be submitted as one file to the application portal.

A 600-word essay consisting of the following four specific parts:

  • Part I. Discuss why you are interested in pursuing a career in medicine. (150 words)
    • Points to consider:
      • What aspects of medicine most appeal to you?
      • What do you think are the most challenging facets of medicine?
      • What sparked your interest to pursue a career in medicine?
  • Part II. Describe your health-related volunteer experiences and the time devoted to them. (150 words)
  • Part III. Discuss what has attracted you to apply to the School of Arts & Sciences-Newark, apart from the BA/MD program. (150 words)
    • Points to consider:
      • What areas of our campus are you familiar with?
      • How would you get involved on our campus?
  • Part IV. Discuss why you are specifically interested in attending Rutgers New Jersey Medical School (NJMS) over other medical schools. (150 words)
    • Points to consider:
      • What aspects of NJMS most appeal to you and why?
      • Describe the mission of NJMS and how it relates to your goals as a physician.

 3 letters of recommendation (recommenders name and email can be submitted on the second tab of the supplemental application. Your recommenders will receive a link to submit)

A Resume (1-2 pages)

An official transcript or unofficial transcript if your school cannot provide an official transcript by November 1st

Any additional documentation you deem pertinent, such as verification of your volunteer work, copies of awards received, etc.

Any applications/documents submitted after November 1st will not be considered for the BA/MD program (this includes letters of recommendation).

After November 1st, BA/MD applicants can expect:

  • File Review: Admissions will review all students who applied.  Those applicants who met the minimum criteria and submitted completed portfolios by November 1st will then be reviewed by Pre-Professional Services for consideration into the BA/MD Program.  This does take some time to do, your patience is appreciated. Applicants will be notified of the status of their file via email. Please check the email account you provided on the Rutgers University application regularly for BA/MD status updates.
  • Rutgers Interview: Applicants with the strongest credentials will be interviewed in-person or by telephone while at school or at home between December-February. Not all applicants are guaranteed an interview, but you will be notified of your status in the BA/MD review process regardless.
  • NJMS Interview: Should Rutgers recommend the applicant, the medical school will review the credentials and may consider the applicant for an in-person interview by late March.
  • Final Selection Process: The medical school ultimately makes all BA/MD admission decisions (acceptance AND nonacceptance). Notifications are mailed in April. Admitted students must inform Rutgers of their enrollment intentions by May 1st.

Students admitted to the BA/MD Program should visit Pre-Professional Services within the Office of Academic Services (Hill Hall, Room 312) in September and open a file.

If you have any questions, once admitted into the BA/MD program, please contact:

Dean Chazz Fellenz, Assistant Dean of Pre-Professional Services,