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In order to graduate from the Newark College of Arts and Sciences or University College - Newark all students must complete the following requirements:

  • Successfully completing at least 120 degree credits
  • Successfully completing the college's core curriculum
  • Successfully completing one of the major programs of study
  • Successfully completing a second concentration*
  • Successfully completing the writing intensive requirement
  • Successfully earning a cumulative grade-point average of 2.0 or better
  1. Before registering for your final semester schedule an appointment with your Academic Advisor.
  2. Before registering for your final semester meet with your faculty advisor in your major and second concentration
  3. Submit your GradTracker Graduation Application.


Application Deadline Degree Granted
October 15 January
February 15 May
July 30 August

All students who are planning to graduate must complete the GradTracker Graduation Application according to the deadlines above.  If an application is not submitted, your academic record will NOT be reviewed by your Major/Minor Department for graduation, nor by the Office of Academic Services for certification of the General Education/Core and total degree requirements.

Please note that it is the responsibility of each student to make certain that all of the graduation requirements of the college have been fully met well before each graduation date.

Excited GraduateEarning a bachelor’s degree with honors is a tremendous accomplishment! Students who earn this distinction will be given an honor cord(s) or medallion to wear to Commencement. Honor cords/Medallions will be distributed during Senior Week. The honors designation will also be noted on your final transcripts and degree. Honors will be awarded to graduates who have a cumulative Grade Point Average as follows:

Cum laude 3.500- 3.699
Magna cum laude 3.700- 3.849
Summa cum laude 3.850- 4.00

Honors at Commencement

Honor status will be displayed on the main screen as your name is called during the Commencement Ceremony and listed in the Commencement program. For May candidates: This will be based on your current completed GPA – not including spring grades. After the Commencement Ceremony your GPA will be recalculated with your spring grades and if you qualify for honors it will be noted on your final transcript and diploma. 

Graduation FAQ's

Graduation occurs three (3) times per year:

January: For students who have completed all degree requirements by the end of FALL term

May: For students who have completed all degrees requirements by end of the SPRING term

August: For students who have completed all degree requirements by end of the SUMMER term

[ Only ONE Commencement Ceremony is held annually in May for ALL graduates ] 


Graduation Date Diploma Mailing
January mid-March
May mid-July
August mid-December

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