Attend one of our virtual workshops to learn more about next steps for graduation.

  • Wednesday, February 8th (2:30-3:30pm)
  • Wednesday, March 8th (2:30-3:30pm)
  • Wednesday, April 5th (2:30-3:30pm)
  • Wednesday, April 26th (2:30-3:30pm)

In order to graduate from the Newark College of Arts and Sciences or University College - Newark all students must complete the following requirements:

  • Complete a minimum of 120-degree credits
  • Complete the Core Curriculum (minimum of a "C" in Basic Writing and Quantitative Reasoning)
  • Declare and complete a Major (with the academic department)
    • Minimum of half of the degree credits for a major must be completed at RU-N  
  • Declare and complete a Second Concentration
    • Minimum of half of the degree credits for the second concentration must be completed at RU-N 
  • Successfully earn a minimum of a "C" in all Major and Second Concentration courses 
  • Complete two Writing Intensive Courses with a minimum of a "C"
  • Successfully obtain a minimum cumulative grade-point average of a 2.0 or better. (Major departments may require a higher GPA)

Graduation Occurs 3x Per Year

  • January: For students who have completed all degree requirements by the end of FALL term
    • Application deadline for January graduation is October 15th. For January graduates, diplomas will be mailed around mid-March.
  • May: For students who have completed all degrees requirements by end of the SPRING term
    • Application deadline for May graduation is February 15th. For May graduates, diplomas will be mailed around mid-July.
  • August: For students who have completed all degree requirements by end of the SUMMER term
    • Application deadline for August graduation is July 30th. For August graduates, diplomas will be mailed around mid-December.

For more detailed information on diplomas, please visit

[Only ONE Commencement Ceremony is held annually in May for ALL graduates] 

All students who are planning to graduate must complete the GradTracker Graduation Application according to the deadlines above.  If an application is not submitted, your academic record will NOT be reviewed by your Major/Minor Department for graduation, nor by the Office of Academic Services for certification of the General Education/Core and total degree requirements.

Please note that it is the responsibility of each student to make certain that all of the graduation requirements of the college have been fully met well before each graduation date.

Excited Graduate

Earning a bachelor’s degree with honors is a tremendous accomplishment! Students who earn this distinction will be given an honor cord(s) or medallion to wear to commencement. Honor cords/Medallions will be distributed during Name Card pick-up. The honors designation will also be noted on your final transcript and degree. Honors will be awarded to graduates who have a cumulative Grade Point Average as follows:

Cum laude 3.500- 3.699
Magna cum laude 3.700- 3.849
Summa cum laude 3.850- 4.00


Honors at Commencement

Honor status will be displayed on the main screen as your name is called during the Commencement Ceremony and listed in the Commencement program. For May candidates: This will be based on your current completed GPA – not including spring grades. After the Commencement Ceremony your GPA will be recalculated with your spring grades and if you qualify for honors it will be noted on your final transcript and diploma. 

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Date: May 16, 2023

Location: Prudential Center

Time: 9am

Students who anticipate completing ALL graduation requirements by the end of the Summer session must submit an August graduation application

Students interested in participating in the May commencement ceremony as an August grad should complete the August grad Request to Participate form.  Please note August graduates do not have their name in the ceremony program book.

Interested in participating in the May 2023 Commencement Ceremony? Visit to submit your request. Last day to submit a request to participate is May 5th at 5pm. 


In order to participate in the ceremony, all graduates must place regalia orders with the Barnes & Noble Bookstore. Regalia is provided by Oak Hall, a partner of the Barnes and Nobles Bookstore. The website for purchasing Rutgers-Newark regalia is:

It is important to note that the bookstore will not have regalia in-store. (Also note: Rutgers-Camden and Rutgers-New Brunswick have their own dedicated websites for ordering regalia.) For information about regalia please reach out to Victor Harris, Barnes & Noble bookstore manager, at or (973) 353-2200.

NOTE: If you selected to have regalia shipped to the store, pick-up will begin May 2nd until May 12th

Academic Hood

The colors of the outside trim of the hood is associated with your degree and everyone will have a red stripe to represent RU. 

Bachelor of Arts Degree (White Hood)

Bachelor of Arts (BA): White Stripe


Bachelor of Science Degree (Yellow Hood)

Bachelor's of Science (BS): Gold Stripe


Bachelor of Fine Arts (Brown Hood)

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA): Brown Stripe

Check back soon for more information!

Senior Portrait information

Congratulations Class of 2023! During the month of February, March and April, Island Photography will be on campus so that students who want to have their senior portrait taken can do so during this time.

Schedule your Senior Portraits now:

For information on Senior Portraits, please contact the Office of Student Life and Leadership via email

Island Photography Contact Information

ring flyer

Balfour Rings

Graduation rings can be purchased through Balfour. Visit to look at the rings and make a purchase. If you have any questions you may call the Customer Service Department at (800-225-3687) or email

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