First Year Services

The “Registration 101” workshop is designed to prepare you for your second semester at Rutgers University–Newark. Please read the instructions below and take a look at the resources provided in our "First-Year Toolbox" on the right. Attendance is mandatory in order for you to gain registration access for the following term.



1. RSVP for a workshop date using the Eventbrite link (Sent to your Rutgers Email).  

2. View the video tutorials on  Degree Navigator & the Schedule of Classes.

3. Explore your own Degree Navigator & view the Schedule of Classes. 

4. Fill out the top and bottom section of SASN Registration 101 Advisement Sheet using Webreg Degree Navigator & Schedule of Classes.

4. Print out your SASN Registration 101 Advisement Sheet and bring it to the workshop. You are also highly encouraged to bring your personal laptop. Attendance will not be permitted without your completed advisement sheet!  


Attendance for the Registration 101 workshop is mandatory. Failure to sign-up and attend may result in a delay on your Spring registration.