POWER Workshops

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POWER Workshops are informational workshops facilitated by student Peer Advisors from the Office of Academic Services. The workshops prepare students to excel academically and professionally as well as increase student knowledge of Rutgers University Newark resources. They are held once a month throughout the academic year in Hill Hall. Attendance to one POWER Workshop is a requirement for all SASN first-year students, however, all new students are welcome to attend more than one workshop. 

  • (If you have any suggestions for future POWER Workshop topics, feel free to e-mail the Peer Advisor Program at peeradvisorprogram@gmail.com)
  • Interested in becoming a student leader and facilitating a POWER Workshop one day? POWER Workshops are created by the OAS Peer Advisor Program. Please see the Peer Advisor Program page for information about applying and becoming a part of our team!