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What is placement testing?

All newly admitted students will take Rutgers University-Newark placement exam, prior to registering for their first semester. The placement exams are designed to provide information about students' individual skills in English and mathematics. The computer-based ACCUPLACER placement exam results will be used to assign students in the courses appropriate to their level of preparation. In some cases, their appropriate level may be a developmental course or courses.

Students accepted to the School of Arts & Sciences-Newark will choose their testing and registration dates using Enrollment Pathway (

How do I complete my Placement Test if I reside out of State?

Students who reside more than 200 miles away and cannot attend the in-person placement exam have two options for completing the exam 1) at their high school or current college/university through Remote Testing or 2) through Students should ask their guidance counselor or advisor to proctor the placement exam for Option 1. Please print out the all the Remote Testing Instructions and Proctor Forms below (including instructions to test through Examity). Please note that Examity charges a $25 fee (not paid by Rutgers).

Students can also opt to complete the placement exam upon arrival to the campus the week before the semester begins.

Please contact the Office of Academic Services at 973-353-5800 or email Stephanie Calixto at should you have any questions regarding out of state testing.

REMOTE TESTING INSTRUCTIONS & PROCTOR FORMS (including Examity instructions)

Remote English Exam Guide

Remote Math Exam Guide

Remote English and Math Guide 

What should I bring to placement testing?

On your placement test date, you must bring a valid form of Photo ID (driver’s license, passport, or high school ID) in order to take the placement exams. Students without proper identification will not be checked-in for attendance. No outside calculators permitted.


ACCUPLACER is a self-paced, computerized exam. Students should allow approximately four hours to complete the entire ACCUPLACER placement exam, which includes both the Math and English exams. (For more information regarding both Math and English, please see the Math and English Placement Exam Presentation.) If a student is taking only the English or only the Math, the testing time will be less than four hours.

Please view the following resources for more information about the ACCUPLACER exam: 



ACCUPLACER Web-Based Study App 

What should I expect from the English Exam?

There are three parts to the English placement exam: sentence sense, reading comprehension, and an essay. Students’ writing will be evaluated on the understanding of the text, response to the question, and mastery of grammar and syntax. You will have 2 ½ hours to complete the English portion of the exam.

What should I expect from the Math Exam?

Mathematics concepts will range from basic computation to fractions, decimals, linear equations, quadratic expressions, algebraic expressions, algebra, trigonometry, logarithms, pre-calculus, and calculus. You will have 1 ½ hours to complete the mathematics portion of the exam. 

Who is exempt from taking the Placement Exam?

English Exam Exemption

  • New students who receive an average score of 550 or above on the written and verbal portions of the SAT on the old SAT Critical Reading exam (prior to March 2016)
  • New students who receive an average score of 580 or above on the on the new SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing exam (March 2016 to present)
  • New students who receive  above 26 on the ACT 
  • New students accepted into the Honors College will be automatically placed in an honors level English Composition Course
  • New students who score a "4" or "5" on the AP English Language & Composition or English Literature & Composition  
  • New students who have completed Rutgers University-Newark's equivalent of  21:355:101 or 21:355:102 with a grade of "C" or higher will NOT need to take the placement exam.  PLEASE NOTE: Writing course below 100 level will not exempt you from testing.
  • New students who have completed Rutgers University-Newark's equivalent of 21:640:106-109 or 21:640:211 or 21:640:114 or higher with a grade of "C" or higher

NOTE: If Rutgers University-Newark has not received your AP placement scores by your scheduled placement test date, you MUST still complete the English placement exam. However, if you submit the score of “4” or “5” after your placement test date, it will override the score of your ACCUPLACER placement test.


Mathematics Exam Exemptions

  • A score of "4" or "5" on the AP/AB series (Calculus I) or AP/BC series (Calculus II)

      NOTE: If Rutgers-Newark has not received your AP placement scores by your scheduled placement test date, you MUST still complete the Math placement exam. However, if you submit the score of “4” or “5” after your placement test date, it will override the score of your ACCUPLACER placement test.

How do I apply for Accommodations or Services?

Rutgers University welcomes students with disabilities into all of the University's educational programs. To begin the accommodation process, please complete the Registration form on the ODS website at or call the Office of Disability Services at (973)353-5375. 

If you have a temporary injury or medical condition that will require accommodations for Orientation, Registration, and/or Placement Testing, please contact Disability Services (973)353-5375 or visit