AFC banner of students

Academic Foundations Center

The Academic Foundations Center provides academic opportunities, resources, and support programs primarily for underrepresented students to achieve success through education. 

The Academic Foundations Center (AFC), which is comprised of undergraduate and pre-college support programs, provides academic and service programs that ensure the academic success of students ranging from the sixth grade through college graduation. AFC combines strong instruction and tutorial services with the personal, financial and career counseling support necessary for academic and social advancement. These features are integral to the success of our students.

Additional pillars supporting our success are strong partnerships with academic departments, the Rutgers Learning Center (RLC) and student support units at the University. A deeply committed faculty at all levels within the AFC ensures the academic integrity of our programs and an equally committed counseling staff ensures appropriate high quality support for our students. By any measure our students achieve at all levels within the University or in the school districts from which they come to us. The students, staff and programs of the AFC enrich and enliven the Rutgers-Newark campus and the surrounding community.