Spring 2021 - Spanish Course Syllabi

The syllabi below are provided for informational purposes and are subject to change.

21:940:207:01 Intro to Spanish Literature Castro, J.
21:940:240:01 Intro to Translation Studies Rodriguez, S.
21:940:250:01 Latin American Literature in English Translation Ferrari, P.
21:940:312:01 Spanish Literature in English Translation Castro, J.
21:940:322:01 Latino Bilingualism in the United States Austin, J.
21:940:331:01 Topics in Spanish & Latin American Studies: Literature of Federico Garcia Lorca Duprey, J.
21:940:331:02 Topics in Spanish & Latin American Studies: Reading Race in Latin American Film & Fiction

Lahr-Vivaz, E.

21:940:348:Q1 Hispanic Film & Literature Lahr-Vivaz, E.
21:940:361:01 Medical Translation & Interpreting Rodriguez, S.