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Spring 2021 Registration


The Fall Semester is well underway which means that the time to register for Spring 2021 is approaching! Here's what you need to know to make the registration process a smooth one:


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Spring 2021 Registration Dates

Registration opens at various dates and times for different populations of students. The opening of registration is based on the # of credits already earned.

 105 or more degree credits November 30 Monday 6:00am - 2:00am 
 90 or more degree credits December 1 Tuesday 6:00am - 2:00am 
 75 or more degree credits December 2 Wednesday 6:00am - 2:00am 
 60 or more degree credits December 3 Thursday 6:00am - 2:00am 
 For all eligible students December 4 Friday 6:00am - 2:00am 


  • RU a 1st semester first year student? In order to register for the Spring 2021 semester you must attend a Registration 101 Workshop.

  • RU a Senior ready to graduate at the end of the Spring 2021 semester?

  • Register for a Braven Career Course this Spring semester! 

    • By enrolling in this 3-credit class, you’ll:
      •  Meet 1x/week in a small cohort of 5-8 RU-N students led by a working professional
      • Receive job coaching and mentoring from local professionals
      • Develop the confidence and skills (problem solving, working in teams, and so much more!) to land a strong job
      • Grow your network of professionals and peers.







need assistance with registration? we are here to help!

Ways to reach us:

Email: sasn_advising@rutgers.edu

Call: 973.353.5800

Virtual Advising | password: SASN

Office of Academic Services Advisors

  • Below is a breakdown of advisor assignments according to the student's last name. 
  • We are currently offering virtual drop-ins at this time. Appointments will resume December 7th.
  • Schedule your appointment ahead of time here


 A Ms. Yusra Syed | ysyed@rutgers.edu
 B Dean Spenser Carrion | slc286@rutgers.edu
 C | Pre-health Mr. Appiah | yba5@rutgers.edu
 D Dean Katherine Lopez | klopez@rutgers.edu 
 E-Hg Mr. Hebert Logerie | hl846@ruters.edu
 Hh-L Ms. Stepanie Calixto | sc1255@rutgers.edu
 M-O Mrs. Patricia Guillaume |pduffaut@rutgers.edu

 P-Pl |W-Z |Pre-health | Pre-engineering

Ms. Venice Wollie | vdw13@rutgers.edu
 Pm-Sim Ms. Cynthia Hawkins |cynthia.hawkins@rutgers.edu
 Sin-V | Veterans Ms. Amanda Carrillo | amanda.carrillo@rutgers.edu
 Pre-law | Pre-health Dean Chazz Fellenz | chazz.fellenz@rutgers.edu
 Off-Campus | MVC  Dean Andrea Alves-Morales  | aalves@rutgers.edu


Youtube How-to videos

Don't know how to use the essential Rutgers platforms? Check out our youtube tutorials! 

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Major and Minor Advisement

  • For advisement on major and minor course selection, please reach out to the department. Below is a department contact list. 
  • Are you still unsure of what to declare? Reach out to the Career Development Center  for advising!
  • Take a look at the Majors and Minors offered within SASN 
  • Have you decided on a major or minor but need to declare? Complete the Declaration of Major and Minor Form and email it to the department!


  African American & African Studies  Strasburger, Christina | cstras@rutgers.edu 
  American Studies Espinet, Sonia | sespinet@rutgers.edu 
  Arts, Culture & Media  Kohutich, Lacey | lacey.kohutich@rutgers.edu
  Biological Sciences Seipel, Susan | saseipel@rutgers.edu
  Chemistry Huskey, Philip | huskey@rutgers.edu 
  Earth & Environmental Sciences Gates, Alexander | agates@rutgers.edu
  Economics Manole, Vlad |   vlad.manole@rutgers.edu
  English Lynch, John | jlynch@rutgers.edu
  History Asen, Daniel | daniel.asen@rutgers.edu
  Honors College Rosario, Yvette | irosario@rutgers.edu
  Mathematics Puhak, Robert | rpuhak@rutgers.edu
  Computer Science Elliot, Joseph | joseph.elliot@rutgers.edu
  Physics Ahmed, Sheehan | sheehan.ahmed@rutgers.edu
  Political Science Miller, Hyacinth | hyacinth.miller@rutgers.edu
  Psychology Van de Walle, Gretchen | gretchen@psychology.rutgers.edu
  Social Work Davis, Sandra | smb187@rutgers.edu
  Sociology & Anthropology

duncan, christopher | chris.duncan@rutgers.edu

Kuzma, Lynn | lynn.kuzma@rutgers.edu 

  Spanish & Portuguese Studies

Cortes, Jason | jasoncor@rutgers.edu

Menchon, Harolina | harolina.menchon@rutgers.edu

  Urban Education Ynfante, Danilsa | dy166@rutgers.edu
  Women's and Gender Studies Espinet, Sonia | sespinet@rutgers.edu
  Writing Program Arena, Jennifer | jenarena@rutgers.edu 


Career Development Center

Reach out to the CDC for job opportunities, career advising, and more! 

Career Development Center

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Navigate Student App

Navigate-Student is the Rutgers-Newark app for student success! It will help you stay organized, remind you of important dates/deadlines, and connect you to your advisors! 

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