Spanish & Portuguese Studies | Minor in Portuguese

Spanish & Portuguese Studies | Rutgers University Newark

Portuguese and Lusophone World Studies (PLWS) offers both an undergraduate Bachelor of Arts and a minor. The PLWS major is an interdisciplinary degree program which includes courses in Portuguese Language at all levels and Portuguese, Brazilian and Lusophone African literature, culture, and history, while taking full advantage of Rutgers–Newark’s proximity to the Portuguese-speaking community of Newark's Ironbound neighborhood.

PLWS majors and minors receive a rigorous and exciting education in the literature, culture and the history of interchange throughout the Lusophone World while combining experiential learning with classroom instruction.  Experiential learning can be achieved, for example, through enrollment in credit-bearing internship opportunities within government offices, non-profits, multi-national corporations and immigrant newspapers in Portuguese and Brazilian communities of Northern New Jersey and New York.  PLWS students also have the opportunity to earn credits for Study Abroad programs in Portugal and Brazil.  Lastly, PLWS majors/minors can compete for the prestigious Luso-Fraternal Association Scholarship which is awarded annually based on merit and financial need.  Students can also apply for the Camões Institute Study Abroad in Portugal Grant provided each year to a PLWS major or minor who assists in the Camões Institute Center located in the John Cotton Dana Library.  

Minor Requirements (18 credits)

The minor requires the completion of: 

     1.  6 credits in language:  21:812:131,132 Intermediate Portuguese (or the equivalent preparation as demonstrated by proficiency examination).

     2.  6 credits in literature or culture courses at the 200 level or above (conducted either in Portuguese or in English)

     3.  6 credits in  literature or culture courses at the 300 or 400 level, conducted in Portuguese