In Solidarity with Black Lives Matter

We are disheartened and condemn the murder of George Floyd and all acts of violence against the Black community by the police. We condemn all efforts to silence the Black community and the #BlackLivesMatter movement. We stand in solidarity with protesters demanding justice for George Floyd, Sandra Bland, Breonna Taylor, Eric Garner, and countless other Black Americans who have been victimized by institutions of power in this country. In the spirit of the Clement A. Price Institute, we always encourage thinking critically and remaining engaged with the fight against the continued historical violence against the black community. We aim to uplift and center these voices. We want everyone marching in the streets to know we stand with you in demanding your voices be heard and believe it is your righteous unrest that will lead us to a more just future.

SASN Deans Express Solidarity With Black Community

Message in the Aftermath of George Floyd’s Death