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An Astounding Achievement for Professor Lana Church's recent appointment to the NSWA Assembly.

An Astounding Achievement for Professor Church

With immense pleasure and genuine enthusiasm, we offer our sincere congratulations to Professor Lana Church on her recent appointment to the NASW Assembly. We are thrilled to be celebrating this occasion and are grateful for everything she has done to support our Social Work Department.

Lana’s dedication has greatly enriched our department and is a tremendous inspiration to all of us. Her determined commitment to public service and to the ideas we cherish leaves us with little doubt that she will play an important and necessary role in defining our state's decision-making processes.

Lana’s election as an assembly member demonstrates her great abilities and leadership character and we have no doubt that she will represent our fellow residents with integrity and dedication. The future holds great promise, and we eagerly await her outstanding contributions in her new capacity. Lana’s firm devotion to improving the lives of others will indeed serve as a powerful source of inspiration to all of us.

Lana Church
Lana Church

A Big Win for Professor Michael Eversman, PhD, MSW

Author of "Identifying Moral Panic: The Discourse of Fear in Social Policy"


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