Near-Surface Geophysics

Description of Research

The Near Surface Geophysics (NSG) group at Rutgers- Newark focuses on advancing the application of near surface geophysical techniques to improve understanding of subsurface hydrogeological, geochemical and biological processes. The department has expertise in electrical and nuclear magnetic resonance techniques. The NSG group has a strong record in identifying novel applications of geophysical imaging that have advanced understanding of near surface processes. Faculty and students have made fundamental contributions in hydrogeophysics, biogeophysics and carbon cycling research. Current projects focus on improving understanding of (1) groundwater-surface water exchange, (2) methane cycling from peatlands, (3) biodegradation of organic contaminants, and (4) microbe-mineral interactions. Current opportunities for new graduate students include:
  1. fractured rock geophysics and biodegradation monitoring;
  2. geophysical monitoring of methane cycling in peatlands;
  3. development of geophysical techniques for monitoring biofuels degradation;
  4. geophysical monitoring of the long-term fate of the Gulf Oil Spill;
  5. development of geophysical techniques for monitoring microbial activity;
  6. development and testing of geophysical instrumentation for monitoring bioremediation.


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Contributing NCAS Faculty

Lee Slater
Lee Slater
Henry Rutgers Professor of Geophysics
Kristina Keating
Kristina Keating
Associate Professor
Dimitrios Ntarlagiannis
Dimitrios Ntarlagiannis
Associate Research Professor