Interdisciplinary strides. 

Crossing the lines of academic departments, challenging of conventional thought, and providing of students and faculty with the space and means to explore and achieve for the sake of our local and global community. These are just some of the many research initiatives at work at SASN.

Ahmet Erdogdular

A space for study, exploration, and performance based on the inclusive culture of collaboration across artistic and academic disciplines.

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Queer Newark Oral History Project logo

A publicly accessible archive of oral history interviews and documents concerning the rich history of LGBTQ Newark.

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Lives in translation

The Lives in Translation program offers undergraduate internships in translation/interpretation serving the Legal Clinics at the Rutgers School of Law-Newark and other sites in the community. Interns participate in weekly training and receive academic credit for their work throughout the semester.

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Shabazz Photoshop, art installation at Military Park

New Arts Justice

An incubator for intersectional approaches to art and activism. New Arts convenes thinkers and doers; collaborates with community, university, and municipal partners; and creates public projects powered by art’s relationship to place, social justice, and civic engagement in Newark and beyond.

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woman on bike

Islamic Matters in Africa and the Colonial Atlantic

The Islam, the Humanities and the Human working group employs the diversity of Islam and Muslim societies to transform the humanities. In the 2021-2022 year, we will hold a faculty seminar and campus events around the theme of Islamic Matters in Africa and the Colonial Atlantic, focusing on material objects, from manuscripts and devotional objects to photography and fine art. We invite new reflection on what diverse human experiences and how Islam, as a global phenomenon, teach us about what it means to be human. 

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