nonviolence international

The IIP is collaboratig with Nonviolence International to create the Nonviolence International – Rutgers University International Institute for Peace Digital Library of Nonviolence, which consists of an open access collection of nonviolent resistance training manuals and related material, such as reports on training workshops, tools and exercises, preparatory material for campaigns, and legal and direct action handouts.  Drawing from Nonviolence International’s vast collection, the digital library includes material from the 1960s onward used in a wide variety of struggles, from the Anti-Nuclear, Peace and Civil Rights movements to Occupy Wall Street, Arab Spring, and Black Lives Matter.  The digital library includes annotation and key word and text search capabilities and is continually updated through the inclusion of material used in manifestations of people power across the globe.



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The Whitaker Peace & Development Initiative is a non-governmental organization with international scope and reach, founded by IIP Co-Founder and Chairman, Forest Whitaker in 2012. WPDI develops an array of peace-building programs, initiatives and campaigns to foster peace and reconciliation in disadvantaged and fragile communities in the different regions of the world, including Africa, Latin America and the United States.

Working in close cooperation with international organizations, civil society, grassroots organizations, and a network of experts, the WPDI promotes youth empowerment, cultural diversity, continuous learning, capacity building, and access to internet connectivity and digital technologies. Projects include on-the-ground programs combining education, life and wellness skills and Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for peace and development, broadcast series, social events, as well as awareness campaigns. One of the most innovative features of the projects is the mobilization of the power of youth through a package that includes capacity-building and development, connectivity, support to economic and cultural community projects with a view to strengthening local communities, impacted by conflict, armed violence, insecurity, ethnic tensions as well as limited opportunities for socio-political development.

Funding may be available through the IIP for qualified graduate students at Rutgers University, Newark to participate as interns in projects run by the WPDI.  Contact the IIP for details.