From Bharatnatyam to Bollywood: A Tapestry of Indian Dance was held on October 11, 2006
Following its first successful ethnic dance program, 1001 Nights: Traditional to Contemporary Expressions of Middle Eastern Dance, the Institute on Ethnicity, Culture, and the Modern Experience showcased the richness and complexity of Indian dance in its second concert entitled, From Bharatnatyam to Bollywood: A Tapestry of Indian Dance presented by Surati for Performing Arts, a New Jersey-based performing arts company.  Surati presented a variety of dances performed by their troupe of professionally-trained dancers/teachers under the artistic direction and choreography of Surati founder Rimli Roy who is also performed at this event.

The Surati dance concert illuminated the rich array of Indian dance, showcasing traditional Indian classical dances, as well as Creative, Folk and Contemporary dances.  The program moved through several Indian classical dance forms that have evolved from ancient times, such as Odissi, Manipuri, Kuchipudi and Bharatnatyam, each characterized by its own style of hand gestures, footwork, facial expressions and postures.  It also included folk (based on Rajasthani, Bengali, Punjabi, Assamese etc.) and creative dances (innovative dance style based on classical movements) with original choreography by Rimli.

The contemporary style dances included some Bollywood - what Surati calls “Classic Bollywood” (a course that they also teach) that incorporates classical, folk and contemporary moves with popular Bollywood tunes, many considered to be classics. The other Bollywood style that Surati performs and teaches is “Express Bollywood” which is similar to the fast-paced, typical Bollywood moves of present day except that it includes facial expressions.

SURATI is a Performing Arts Company based in New Jersey. Surati promotes performing arts and artists (primarily traditional Indian) through performances, workshops, lecture demonstrations and classes. Since 2001 Surati, the dance and music school has been providing an insight into Indian Art and Culture for its students, through workshops, classes, performances and lecture demonstrations. Surati offers intensive training in Indian classical, traditional folk, contemporary and popular dance and music. Surati also features a group of professional dancers and musicians who perform a multitude of Indian Classical and traditional folk styles on stage. Its faculty and troupe of dancers and musicians perform at various corporate, public, cultural and private events. With its own choreographers, dancers, composers and musicians, Surati works on variety and thematic items for stage shows, TV and videos, and has performed both in the U.S. and India.

Surati founder, RIMLI ROY comes from a family of gifted musicians and artists. An innovative artist, Rimli performs traditional classical dances, primarily Odissi and Manipuri. A versatile dancer and choreographer, Rimli also actively explores avenues of folk, creative dancing and improvisation, sometimes venturing outside the domain of set classical dance forms. As director and instructor for Surati, she teaches Bharatnatyam, Odissi, Manipuri, folk, contemporary and other creative dance forms. She seeks to educate people about Indian culture and promote an awareness of their own cultural heritage to Indian and other youth living in the US and abroad.