The BNS Ph.D. program is hosted by the Center for Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience (CMBN), and our training faculty include CMBN faculty members, as well as members of the Rutgers-Newark departments of Psychology, Biological Sciences, and Mathematics and Computer Science.

Name + Research Interests 

Travis Baker:
Cognitive neuroimaging and stimulation

Website Email 973-353-5485
April A. Benasich, Elizabeth H. Solomon Endowed Professor : 
Developmental cognitive neuroscience: early brain development
Website Email 973-353-3598
Michael W. Cole: 
Cognitive, computational, and network neuroscience of learning and cognitive control
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Mark Gluck: 
Alzheimer’s, minority brain health disparities, PTSD, sleep & memory
Website Email 973-353-3671
Drew Headley:
Electrophysiology, microcircuitry, oscillations, coding, behavior
Website Email 973-353-5834
Elizabeth Holly:
Systems neuroscience of stress and motivated behavior
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Tibor Koos: 
Basal ganglia and vision
Website Email  973-353-3638
Bart Krekelberg CMBN Co-Director: 
Transcranial stimulation, eye movements, visual perception, computational and RNN models, electrophysiology, fMRI, EEG
Website Email 973-353-3602
Juan Mena Segovia: 
Neural circuits of action selection and motor execution: connectivity, electrophysiology and behavior
Website Email  973-353-3518
Vincent McGinty:
Neuroeconomics, behavior, electrophysiology, computational models 
Website Email 973-353-3608
Denis Pare CMBN Director: 
Systems neuroscience, amygdala, memory, emotions
Website Email 973-353-3251
Pierre-Olivier Polack
Circuit mechanisms of visual processing and visual perception; pathophysiology of epilepsies
Website Email 973-353-3643
James Tepper: 
Basal ganglia anatomy, physiology, and microcircuitry; role of striatal interneurons in behavior
Website Email 973-353-3618
Laszlo Zaborszky: 
High-density recordings in transgenic rats, functional organization of the forebrain cholinergic system
Website Email 973-353-3659
Name + Research Interests
Maxime Assous: 
Basal ganglia circuits, striatum and related behaviors
Nadine Gut:
Neuronal circuits of motor control in health and neurological disease, movement disorders
Catherine Hanson: 
Cognitive neuroscience, memory & Learning, brain connectivity, ASD
Mohammed Herzallah: 
Regulation of the amygdala by the midline thalamus
Icnelia Huerta-Ocampo: 
Synaptic organization of basal ganglia circuits
Ravi Mill 3-3249
Sylvia Ortiz-Mantilla: 
Developmental cognitive neuroscience, infant EEG, language disorders
Michael Shiflett
Animal models of neuropsychiatric disorders
Neha Sinha 3-3668
Name + Research Interests 

Mauricio Delgado

Psychology Website Email 973-353-5440 X241
Eric Fortune Biological Sciences Website Email 973-596-5689

Wilma Friedman

Biological Sciences Website Email 973-353-1160
Jorge Golowasch Biological Sciences Website Email 973-596-8444
William Graves Psychology Website Email 973-353-5440x3947
Stephen José Hanson, RUBIC Director: 
Computational neuroscience, brain connectivity, learning & memory
Psychology Website and
Email 973-353-3317
Gal Haspel Earth & Environmental Sciences Website Email 973-353-2586
Haesun Kim Biological Sciences Website Email
Barry Komisaruk, MBRS-PI
Behavioral neuroscience of sexual response in humans and rats
Psychology Website Email 973-353-5834
Farzan Nadim Biological Sciences Website Email
Miriam Rosenberg-Lee: 
Functional neuroimaging of mathematical cognition
Biological Sciences Website Email 973-353-3948
Horacio Rotstein: 
Computational neuroscience & synamics of neuronal networks
Biological Sciences
Website Email 973-596-5306
Patrick Shafto Mathematics and Computer Science Website Email  
Tracy Tran: 
Cell and molecular processes regulating neuronal wiring and behavior; neuronal morphogenesis and development
Biological Sciences
Website Email 973-353-5542
Elizabeth Tricomi: 
Neuroimaging of learning and motivation
Psychology Website Email 973-353-5440x3956