A PhD Program that offers training in Cellular, Systems, Behavioral, and Cognitive Neuroscience.

The Behavioral and Neural Sciences Graduate Program trains students for scientific research careers in neuroscience and prepares students to take positions in academic, medical, and industrial research settings. The focus is on multidisciplinary training of students across the domains of neuroscience. Students learn to conduct independent research and to present and discuss research ideas and results both orally and in written form. Students also gain experience in both undergraduate and graduate teaching. All students receive stipends in the form of fellowships or research/ teaching assistantships. 

The course curriculum has been developed to bring students with diverse backgrounds (neuroscience, psychology, mathematics, engineering) up to speed on the topics they will need for their research projects. Most classes involve extensive discussions with faculty, hands-on learning, critical thinking, and scientific writing. Starting in year one, students do semester-long research rotations in the laboratories of one or more faculty members to learn about different aspects of neuroscience research. Dissertation research can also be completed under the supervision of more than one faculty member, to broaden student training.

More information for both current and prospective students regarding the BNS Graduate Program can be found here.