Volunteer Program

Lives In Translation volunteers are highly requested  that there have been contacted about several unique projects. ​

Rutgers students have volunteered at: Rutgers Law School Clinics, Volunteer Lawyers for Justice, American Friends Service Committee, New Jersey Institute for Social Justice, ACLU New Jersey, New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice, New York Legal Assistance Group, and private practice law firms.

This past Summer 2020, our volunteers are partnered with Newark Alliance, leading non-profit organization, in helping the Newark engage relevant resources for a massive contact tracing program to help limit the spread of COVID-19 amongst our city’s population. 

As the nation looks to recover from COVID-19, national healthcare experts agree that Contact Tracers are critical staff necessary for returning states to some degree of normalcy. ContactTracers are key personnel that play a role in tracking down individuals who have been exposed to COVID-19, assisting exposed asymptomatic persons with isolation, referring symptomatic persons to appropriate testing facilities, and following up with exposed persons until they have been cleared to cease isolation.

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