Rikers Public Memory Project

The Rikers Public Memory Project: A Community Truth and Healing Process is a community-based, participatory initiative through which our collective stories about the impact of Rikers are activated to envision a more just NYC. The project is an outgrowth of an ongoing partnership between Freedom AgendaCreate Forward, and the Humanities Action Lab, who, together, sought to think through the ways that the process of collectively remembering can be used as a strategic organizing tool in the movement to close Rikers Island.


States of Incarceration

States of Incarceration focuses on the past, present, and future of incarceration, exploring the explosion of prisons and incarcerated people in the US — including immigration detention centers — and its global dimensions. States of Incarceration brings together a national community of over 800 people in l18 states who together created a traveling exhibit, web platform, and series of public dialogues. Teams of students and people directly affected by incarceration in these cities each explore a history of incarceration in their own community.


Climates of Inequality


​This evolving multi-media installation was initially created by a coalition of students, educators, and community leaders in over 22 cities across the US and around the world. As a traveling exhibit and digital platform with related programming, Climates of Inequality: Stories of Environmental Justice provides multiple ways to learn about environmental issues affecting various communities, the historical roots of these issues, and strategies to transition from extractive environments to generative ones. The project launched in Newark, NJ, in October 2019 and is currently traveling to each city represented in the exhibit.