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Denis Pare

Center Co-Director Email 973-353-3380
Bart Krekelberg Center Co-Director Email 973-353-3598
Icnelia Huerta-Ocampo Director of the BNS Graduate Program Email


Tea Akins Business Manager Email 973-353-3380

Name + Research Interests 

Travis Baker:
Cognitive neuroimaging and stimulation

Website Email 973-353-5485
April A. Benasich, Elizabeth H. Solomon Endowed Professor : 
Developmental cognitive neuroscience: early brain development
Website Email 973-353-3598
Michael W. Cole: 
Cognitive, computational, and network neuroscience of learning and cognitive control
Website Email


Mark Gluck: 
Alzheimer’s, minority brain health disparities, PTSD, sleep & memory
Website Email 973-353-3671
Drew Headley:
Electrophysiology, microcircuitry, oscillations, coding, behavior
Website Email 973-353-5834
Elizabeth Holly:
Systems neuroscience of stress and motivated behavior
Website Email 973-353-2778
Tibor Koos: 
Basal ganglia and vision
Website Email  973-353-3638
Bart Krekelberg CMBN Co-Director: 
Transcranial stimulation, eye movements, visual perception, computational and RNN models, electrophysiology, fMRI, EEG
Website Email 973-353-3602
Juan Mena Segovia: 
Neural circuits of action selection and motor execution: connectivity, electrophysiology and behavior
Website Email  973-353-3518
Vincent McGinty:
Neuroeconomics, behavior, electrophysiology, computational models 
Website Email 973-353-3608
Denis Pare CMBN Co-Director: 
Systems neuroscience, amygdala, memory, emotions
Website Email 973-353-3380
Pierre-Olivier Polack
Circuit mechanisms of visual processing and visual perception; pathophysiology of epilepsies
Website Email 973-353-3643
James Tepper: 
Basal ganglia anatomy, physiology, and microcircuitry; role of striatal interneurons in behavior
Website Email 973-353-3618
Laszlo Zaborszky: 
High-density recordings in transgenic rats, functional organization of the forebrain cholinergic system
Website Email 973-353-3659
Name + Research Interests
Alon Amir
Systems neuroscience, cognition, electrophysiology
Nadine Gut:
Neuronal circuits of motor control in health and neurological disease, movement disorders
Catherine Hanson: 
Cognitive neuroscience, memory & Learning, brain connectivity, ASD
Mohammed Herzallah: 
Regulation of the amygdala by the midline thalamus
Icnelia Huerta-Ocampo: 
Synaptic organization of basal ganglia circuits
Ravi Mill 3-3249
Sylvia Ortiz-Mantilla: 
Developmental cognitive neuroscience, infant EEG, language disorders
Michael Shiflett
Animal models of neuropsychiatric disorders
Nowrin Ahmed 3-3254 Denis Pare
Luisa Alatorre 3-3612 Denis Pare
Emirhan Albyrak  
Mohamed Badawy 3-3253  
O. Batuhan Erkat Pierre-Olivier Polack
Lakshman Chakravarthy  
Carrisa Cocuzza Michael Cole
Giuliana DiMarco Juan Mena Segovia
Malte Gueth Travis Baker
Elif Guven James Tepper
Galit Karpov Travis Baker
Micah Ketola Michale Cole
Hussein Khdour 3-3220 Pierre-Olivier Polack & Tracy Tran
Debbie Kim 3-3252  
Ian T. Kim 3-3253 Denis Pare
Yuwoong Kim 3-3518 Juan Mena-Segovia
Samet Kocaturk 3-3618 Jim Tepper
Nicole Lalta  
Shira Lupkin 3-3185 Vincent McGinty
Beenish Mahmood April Benasich
Kirsten Peterson Michael Cole
Valentine Puyo  
Dixit Sharma Vincent McGinty
Jingcheng Shi  
Anna Stetsenko; Tibor Koos
Jaleesa Stringfellow Travis Baker
Alexandros Tzalavras  
Duygu Yilmaz 3-3518 Juan Mena-Segovia
Sirin Zhang Juan Mena-Segovia
Tea Akins Business Manager 3-3380
Joan Douglas Administrative Assistant 3-3298  
Salome Tsagareishvili
Administrative Assistant 3-3184
Sibel Akyuz
Julien Corbo
Darlingtina Esiaka
Bernadette Fausto
Matthew Gielow 3183
Mei-Heng Lin 3509
Ella Podvalny
Ruben Sanchez-Romero
Tevin Rouse
Alexander Schielke 3-3606
Ashley Yttredahl