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Pre-Law Overview

The best preparation for law school is a sound background in liberal arts.  At Rutgers University-Newark, there is no such thing as a “pre-law” major; instead, pre-law refers to all of the academic studies, training, and experience one attains prior to starting a formal law program.  However, it is recommended that a student select a challenging set of courses throughout their undergraduate journey in order to gain highly-regarded skills that include the ability to:

  • Comprehend and understand what you read
  • Write with lucidity and clarity, to know what words mean          
  • Logically analyze and understand complex ideas and issues
  • Effectively present thoughts orally
  • Exhibit a high level of competence in the English language

It will immediately be seen that familiarity with these skills can come from a wide variety of courses and/or majors.  Many pre-law students at Rutgers University-Newark choose majors in:

  • English
  • History
  • Political Science
  • Philosophy
  • Economics
  • Criminal Justice
  • Business

The Department of History at Rutgers University-Newark offers an 18-credit, interdisciplinary Legal Studies minor designed to provide students with an introduction to law.  The minor serves to enhance one’s preparation for a law-related graduate program and/or career with courses offered in a variety of academic departments including political science, history, criminal justice, philosophy, and writing.  Additionally, our very own Rutgers School of Law offers undergraduate students the opportunity to take law-focused courses, such as “Introduction to American Law,” taught by a law school professor; a true golden opportunity for undergraduate students to determine whether they are truly interested in pursuing law school after graduation.

Pre-Professional Services within the Office of Academic Services (Hill Hall 312) assists students who are interested in a legal career.  The office provides advisement and assistance to students interested in attending Law School after completing their undergraduate degree at Rutgers.  This website will provide students with:

  • Advice on course selection and preparation for law school
  • Information about law school and the legal profession
  • Guidance on the law school application process
  • Referral to activities, programs, and resources at Rutgers and beyond that will increase knowledge of the legal profession and of the law school admissions process
  • Advocacy for students interested in the legal profession

Contact a Pre-Law Advisor

Office of Academic Services, Pre-Professional Services
360 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., Hill Hall - Room 312
Newark, NJ 07102-1284

(973) 353-5800

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