student in regalia with arms outstretched toward sky on campus plaza

Nour-Alhuda Abdel-Aziz - Zabriskie Memorial Award

Nour-Alhuda Abdel-Aziz BA 2020 History major and Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies minor
2020 Edward H. Zabriskie Memorial Award in recognition of her outstanding work in her history courses.

I am a first generation student who struggled to be where I am today, but I had great support from advisors, educators, and other people. Hence, I was inspired to become an educator to help and inspire students. My goal is to teach history in an urban high school. I was a teacher assistant for the Rutgers Future Scholars program and office assistant for four years at Student Support Services. I enjoyed my time greatly in both positions. In Fall 2020,  I will be doing my student teaching while attending  graduate school for my masters with the history department. I am blessed to have all these opportunities at Rutgers-Newark and to be part of its community. 

Q: What did you enjoy most during your time here at RU-N?
A: On campus activities or events and conversations with people around campus.  

Q: What advice do you have for incoming history students? 
A: Do not hesitate to ask for help when needed; speak up. Enjoy the little moments because they help keep you strong. Take advantage of the resources offered. 

Describe your experience in the Department in three (3) words or phrases: 
Family, challenging, and growth. 
Thank you so much for everything!