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New Faculty batch 3

Each academic year the School of Arts and Sciences Newark welcomes new faculty to our family from across the liberal arts disciplines. This year’s group is diverse, spanning the social sciences, humanities, arts and physical sciences. Below, in Part 3 of our series, we profile some of the professors making their SASN debut during the fall semester. 


Jean-Pierre Etchegaray and Nan Gao are cellular and molecular biologists whose work examines the underlying causes of health and diseases. They recently teamed up to decipher how genes that respond to infection are regulated in cells within the epithelial lining of the intestine, which may impact future treatments for pathogenic bacteria such as Salmonella and conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease.

Make an Impact

Prof. Xuejian Wu

He is able to do this work in part thanks to a recently awarded competitive Rutgers Global International Collaborative Research grant. 

brain, prof and researcher

Two SASN Psychology researchers are examining how activity in certain brain regions correlates with math performance in adolescents, a population that historically has been understudied. The research, which is in its early stages, could help scientists and educators design learning strategies to help underperforming students. 

New Project

Cheswayo Mphanza GSN’18 was 8 years old when he left Zambia for the southeast side of Chicago, but his voice still carries a faint lilt of Nyanja, his native language.

Tell Me More About Yourself in script writing

Two new shows at Gallery Aferro include the work of several artists from the School of Arts & Sciences-Newark.  


“Meleagris Gallopavo Day” is a bit of a mouthful. Which may be why this Thanksgiving, most people will opt for the less ornithologically precise “Turkey Day.”

And just as turkey is a versatile meat – think of those leftover options! – so too is the word “turkey,” which can refer to everything from the bird itself to a Externalpopulous Eurasian country to Externalmovie flops.