Mark Comesañas

Mark Comesañas Helps Newark’s Young Men of Color Gain a Second Chance

Alex Seggerman headshot

Faculty Spotlight: Alex Dika Seggerman on Islam and Modernity in Art History

Suah Yekeh

Doctoral Student Suah Yekeh Focuses on Environmental Health and Paying It Forward 

brain scans with pills in foreground

New Diagnostic Method May Predict Relapse Risk From Prescription Opioid Addiction

Anthony Alvarez self-portrait series

SASN Artists Featured in Newark Museum of Art Exhibit

Beija Chen, Courtney Sobers, and Stephanie Seda

Chart a Course: 'Ungrading' Chemistry Lab

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faculty photos on rainbow background

Reflections on Pride

Professor Alex Hinton

Alex Hinton Examines White Supremacy and the Threat of Genocide in the U.S.

Angelo Soto Centano

Angelo Soto Centeno Uses Predictive Modeling to Examine Bat Endangerment in Puerto Rico