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Nuralhoda Elsaid

Senior Nuralhoda Elsaid Looks to Address Inequities in Global Education

African American female and male looking at fresh vegetables

A Two-Fold Crisis in Black Families: Caring for a Family Member with Dementia

Senior Mahinour Abdou in her painting studio

Senior Mahinour Abdou Combines Art and Writing to Explore Themes of Social Justice and Personal Growth


At Rutgers-Newark Commencement, Graduates Urged to Draw From Experience and Community

Inside a high power laser amplifier

Rutgers is Part of NSF-funded Consortium to Advance Photonics Research and Workforce Development

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Mayte Green-Mercado

Mayte Green-Mercado Awarded CAORC Research Fellowship for Mediterranean Displacements Project

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Shakee Merritt

Senior Shakee Merritt Encourages Political Participation for Gen Z

Kimi Takesue

Kimi Takesue’s "Onlookers" to Screen at BAM’s Prismatic Ground FIlm Festival