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What We Learned in 100 Days of Life Interrupted

Rutgers-Newark students tell their stories in this NY Times spotlight on the Newest Americans' "Stories from the Pandemic"

Four first-generation college students in Newark, NJ tell the story of the pandemic, their uprooted plans -- and what they found out.

Young people in the United States are living through interesting times, as the coronavirus pandemic uproots the country’s economy and changes what college will look like.

When schools sent students home in March, we asked four first-generation college students in Newark, N.J. to document this stage of their lives in images and text.

“Life really is one massive roller coaster, with spins and turns, and highs and lows. Right now, we may all be experiencing a low, but we are bound to go up sometime,” is how Jacob Amaro, a Rutgers University student, put it. Come along for the ride.