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Rutgers-Newark Emergency Fund Supports Students Undergoing Severe Hardships

A fund for Rutgers-Newark students undergoing financial hardships has taken on special relevance during Covid-19.

Like many across the globe, SASN students are going through extremely challenging circumstances. Students and their families are undergoing severe financial hardships and health emergencies as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

“Some students have lost the jobs they needed to help support themselves, their families, or pay their tuition fees for next year,” said Patricia Margulies, Assistant Dean for Development for the School of Arts and Sciences-Newark. “Students who had food and housing insecurity before the COVID-19 pandemic still have these same issues, only made worse by the overall crisis.”

Numerous members of our community have asked how to help students during this time. The Rutgers-Newark Student Emergency Fund provides relief to students who are struggling, helping them weather this public health emergency with fewer additional burdens. Gifts to this fund provide support to Rutgers-Newark students encountering hardships - housing issues, food insecurities, financial crises, and more - that interfere with their Rutgers education. Funds may be used to purchase essential materials for classes, assist with tuition costs due to financial hardship, or other unexpected expenses the student is encountering.

“There are so many challenges on so many fronts that it is difficult to know where to start, but you can be sure Rutgers University continues to function as one community caring for our students' education as well as for their well-being,” said Margulies.

To help support our students through this fund please visit and make a gift online.

If you have questions or are interested in supporting our students and alumni in a more personal way, please reach out to SASN Assistant Dean for Development Patricia Margulies at

“We can all be proud to be a part of a resilient and strong community that will continue to provide leadership and support for not only our students, faculty, staff and alumni but also our state and country in a time of crisis,” says Margulies.