Rutgers Giving Days March 20-24

Rutgers Giving Days 2023: Pay it forward to help SASN students

Rutgers Giving Days is an annual campaign to raise funds for Rutgers University. On  March 20 – 24, the global Rutgers community unites for a common cause: paying it forward so our students can continue to succeed in their studies and take advantages of opportunities such as internships, conferences and study abroad that enhance and expand their knowledge and experience. 

Giving Day reminds me of the power of three things: gratitude, memory, and possibilities.

"Giving Day reminds me of the power of three things: gratitude, memory, and possibilities," says School of Arts & Sciences-Newark (SASN) Dean Jacqueline Mattis in the video below. 

She added, "If each of us thinks about how we came to the place where we are, those who gave to us when we needed it, if we remember when we received a scholarship or an opportunity that we didn't imagine we would get, those moment can remind us of the power of what it means to be given to, and reminds us of the power of what it means to be able to give to others. I hope that on this Giving Day we all take a moment to remember what has been given to us and to pay it forward."

Even a seemingly small amount is not small to a student who is struggling to come to campus because they can't pay for gas, or who can't take advantage of an opportunity such as an internship or study abroad. For those who cannot give monetary donations, an email, social media post, or a simple like or reshare is also appreciated.

Mattis ends her video with the hope that everyone who can takes advantage of this seemingly small but incredibly large opportunity to help make sure our students can step into a future that will be transformative for them and for us. 

This year the School of Arts & Sciences-Newark is highlighting the following funds:


Thank you for helping SASN build academic excellence and expand access to a world-class education, energize community-based learning through student service experiences, and support groundbreaking research  and scientific programs that change lives.