Rutgers Board of Governors Approves Name Change to School of Arts and Sciences—Newark

The Board of Governors of Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, today approved a resolution changing the name of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences—Newark (FAS-N) to the School of Arts and Sciences—Newark (SAS-N). The change is effective August 1, 2018. The school’s faculty and FAS-N Dean Jan Ellen Lewis had earlier approved the name change. The change will align the name with the other schools of Rutgers University-Newark. SAS-N will comprise two undergraduate colleges of matriculation, the Newark College of Arts and Sciences (NCAS) and University College-Newark (UC-N), along with the faculty.

"Changing our name will, without changing our configuration, bring our identity into alignment with the rest of the University and make internal and external communication of our identity clearer and more coherent," says Dean Lewis.

The existing Newark College of Arts & Sciences and University College-Newark will remain unchanged and continue to live under the SAS-N umbrella. With nearly 40 undergraduate majors, the Newark College of Arts & Sciences provides opportunities for academic exploration in a wide range of studies from studio art to neuroscience. The largest of the schools at Rutgers University-Newark (RU-N), it enrolls more than 60 percent of the undergraduates at RU-N. University College-Newark offers undergraduate degrees in the arts and sciences to part-time and nontraditional students.

The school’s faculty voted in favor of the name change at a regularly scheduled faculty meeting on April 19, 2017. There was no objection and general consent to the proposed name change. Chancellor Nancy Cantor also approved the change.

On July 11, 2018, the Committee on Academic and Student Affairs reviewed the proposal and recommended its approval by the Board of Governors.