Computing Fair at RU-N

RU-N Research Computing Fair Highlights Powerful Tools for Scholars

During the last decade, Big Data has changed the way practitioners work across a multitude of disciplines, from math, psychology and neurobiology to business, criminal justice and the social sciences.

In 2015, RU-N’s first High Performance Computing Cluster (HPCC)—dubbed NM3—went online and dramatically enhanced the research tools available to scholars, enabling them to increase the scale and speed of their work exponentially.

RU-N recently held a Research Computing Fair to show faculty and graduate students how they can leverage the power of NM3 to expand their research, collaborate across disciplines, and compete effectively for university and external funding. They also learned how NM3 is being looped into a 100mbps/sec network that includes additional Rutgers HPCCs in New Brunswick and Camden, part of a massive initiative that puts Rutgers on the cutting edge of research computing among universities nationally.

“Rutgers has moved fast in the last few years and made this a top priority, which will really ramp up research across disciplines,” says RU-N Chemistry Professor Michele Pavanello, who was the Principal Investigator (PI) on the NM3 grant and helped organize last week’s fair. “Our goal is to attract as many faculty, post-docs and graduate students as possible to take advantage of this computing environment, which can aid research not just in the sciences but also the humanities as scholars start to think outside the box.”

Research Computing Fair at RU-N

The fair was put on by RU-N’s Office of the Chancellor; the Institute of Data Science, Learning and Applications; and the Office of Advanced Research Computing. Speakers included Distinguished Professor Nabil Adam, RU-N Vice Chancellor for Research & Collaborations; Distinguished Professor Jerome Williams, RU-N Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor; Michele Norin, RU Senior VP & Chief Information Officer; and John Cain, RU-N High Performance Computing System Administrator.