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Queer Like Us: A Conversation with the Queer Newark Oral History Project

To close out their Pride Month celebrations, Audible editor Michael Collina speaks to the Queer Newark Oral History Project about the power and importance of preserving queer voices.

Some excerpts from the audio essay: 

"Queer Newark has really helped me to listen and to hear what other people go through in their experiences, you know? The history is not monolithic, the experience is not monolithic. And we deserve that." —Christina Strasburger

"The project is what it is because of the many people at Rutgers University in Newark." —Darnell Moore

"But when we lose a building important to queer history, especially queer people of color's history, there's often no other records. And that history is just, it's gone. You know? And we're again left fighting for scraps of it as queer people." —Kristyn Scorsone