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New Master's Program in Psychology to Launch in Fall 2021

A new master's program in Psychology is now available through the School of Arts & Sciences-Newark.  The M.A. in Psychology is a two-year graduate program designed for students who want to ultimately pursue a doctorate in psychology but first need to develop their research skills and portfolios. The program is open to applications for the Fall 2021 semester. Students with a bachelor's degree in any major are encouraged to apply.

If admitted to the program, students will receive 1:1 mentoring, complete four semesters of graduate coursework, and pursue independent research leading to a master's thesis. Students can choose from one of four areas of specialization:

  • Cognitive Psychology, including topics such as investigating how infants, preschoolers, and adults revise their beliefs about the world, the interaction of emotion and cognition in the human brain during learning and decision making, visual perception, and learning and reasoning.
  • Developmental Psychology, in areas such as language acquisition in children, and behavioral responses to negative or threatening stimuli, engaged scholarship on issues related to juvenile justice reform, the intersection of youth development and juvenile justice policy and practice, and the prevention of youth violence and delinquency.
  • Neuroscience, studying the brain basis of areas such as learning, memory, motivation, emotion, reproductive behavior, decision making, language, and cognition.
  • Social Psychology, in areas such as attachment styles and criminality; emotional disclosure; implicit biases and their effect on the self-concept, identity, and health; interracial feedback; the nature, need and benefits of meaning, how psychological resources affect social and physical perception, and subjective well-being.

Research will be aligned with department faculty and applicants must identify a potential faculty member they’d like to work with as part of the application process. Interested students should review the Psychology department faculty listing to get information about possible research areas and are welcome to reach out to individual faculty members with questions and to confirm that they would be a good match. Not all faculty will be accepting students every year; for the Fall 2021 session, at least two are confirmed as faculty mentors: Paul Boxer, who specializes in developmental psychology, studies of adolescent delinquency and aggression, and the impact of violence, and William Graves, a neuroscientist whose research includes the neurobiology of language, reading, and reading disorders.

Other potential research areas may include developmental observational and survey studies of infants, young children, and adolescents and their families; laboratory and field experiments in social and cognitive psychology; and fMRI projects on various neurological/neurobehavioral phenomena.

Applications require three letters of recommendation, undergraduate transcripts, a personal statement, and selection of a faculty mentor. There is no GRE requirement. The deadline for applications is March 1, 2021, for admission in the Fall 2021 term.

Please note that this is neither a clinical nor counseling program, and will not provide the coursework or training that lead to professional licensure.

For more information, please contact Professor Paul Boxer, To apply, visit