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New Emergency Fund Established to Help SASN Students

In response to a growing need and concern for students facing financial hardships that may derail their education, the School of Arts and Sciences-Newark (SASN) has established a fund aimed exclusively at providing financial support to students at the school. 

Like many across the globe, Rutgers’ School of Arts and Sciences-Newark students are going through extremely challenging circumstances. Students and their families are undergoing severe financial hardships and health emergencies as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. Some students have lost the jobs they needed to help support themselves and their families, or pay next year’s tuition. Students who had food and housing insecurity before the COVID-19 pandemic still have these same issues, only made worse by the overall crisis. Many students don't have economic safety nets that they can fall back on.

Alumni have asked how they can help. In response, the School of Arts and Sciences-Newark has created the SASN Student Emergency Fund, which will provide relief exclusively targeted to SASN students. "Our alumni community is loyal, motivated, and resourceful. It has been an enduring source of strength for our students, faculty, and staff," said SASN's Interim Dean Denis Paré in a letter to alumni,  "With your assistance, our SASN Student Emergency Fund will ensure that a temporary setback doesn’t force our students to interrupt their education."

Please consider making a gift. You will be supporting SASN students who are encountering hardships -- housing issues, food insecurities, unexpected financial crises, and more -- that could interfere with their Rutgers education. To help support our students through this fund please visit to make a gift online.

And as always, Rutgers’ School of Arts and Sciences-Newark is here as a resource for alumni too. If we can help you in any way with job searches, resume writing, information about COVID-19 ground-breaking scientific research and more, please reach out to