Hamna Saleem
Toggle caption Photo by Newest Americans

Conversation Revisits The Women of 'Hijabi World' Film

The short film “Hijabi World,’’ a Newest Americans documentary shot in 2016, was created in response to a Buzzfeed video featuring non-Muslim wearing hijabs to document how others responded to them. But a group of Muslim women students at Rutgers-Newark wondered why there was no focus on women who wear hijabs every day. Created by Dina Sayedahmed, a Journalism and Political Science Major, & Hamna Saleem, who received her B.A. in Journalism, the women said that with this film they hoped to create "myth busting, stereotype crushing stories that take back the microphone and reclaim our own hijabi narratives."

“Their experience overshadowed ours,’’ said Sohlya, one of the women interviewed for the film. In “Hijabi World,” she and others contradicted stereotypes that women who were hijabs are meek, oppressed, and forced by others to cover their heads. The outspoken interviewees, who represent many Muslim nationalities, proudly described their choice to wear the hijab and its spiritual and cultural importance in their lives. In this conversation with Rutgers-Newark digital strategist Ashley Davison, three of the subjects featured in “Hijabi World” talk about the impact of the film and how their identities as Muslim women have evolved since then.

Watch the full conversation here: https://bit.ly/39jw1kh.

Find out more about the film and its creators, and watch it at https://newestamericans.com/hijabi-world/.