Manny and Ned at Shine Portrait Studio
Toggle caption Photo by Nora Luongo

Chart a Course: Intro to Printmaking at Home

In this second video in a series of long-form conversations featuring faculty, students and staff where we open up the floor on courses, topics, and collaborations in the School of Arts & Sciences-Newark (SASN), Professor and Chair of Arts, Culture and Media and Ned Drew and Part-Time Lecturer and printmaker Emanuele Cacciatore convened at Shine Portrait Studio to discuss Cacciatore's "Intro to Printmaking" course. The duo review the challenges of teaching a studio course remotely and during a pandemic, the creative process, and how a new set of portable printing presses created by printmakers Liz and Steve Garst that the students can use at home has proven to be a game-changer.

"The fact that our students are able to actually make and have to solve problems and setting it up - all that physicality I think is critical to the creative process," said Drew in the video. "I find right now a very difficult time for me to be creative, because of the limitations of access to equipment. These presses hit a sweet spot where it just solves so many problems."

Manny Cacciatore and Ned Drew discuss how the addition of portable printing presses has changed the way they teach printmaking both at home and in person.