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Woman reading book in the outdoors

Rachel Hadas for the Conversation: Catastrophe overload? Read philosophers and poetry instead of headlines

Dana Scully with a large "X"

Biologist Jessica Ware on X-Files' Dana Scully as Inspiration

Jan Lewis at the 2017 Commencement

From the NY Times: Jan Ellen Lewis, Expert on Jefferson’s Other Family, Dies at 69

Picture of German Lab

New Research on X-ray free-electron lasers from physicist Claudiu Stan in Nature Communications

George Walker at a piano

George Walker, Barrier-Breaking Composer, Is Dead at 96

Lee Slater

Lee Slater Named AGU Fellow

Sadia Abbas's forthcoming novel

Excerpt from Sadia Abbas' novel, "The Empty Room"

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Rigoberto Gonzalez

LA Times: A thread of pain ties two brothers in Rigoberto González's 'What Drowns the Flowers in Your Mouth'

Laura Lomas

Laura Lomas recommends 5 Latino authors for The Conversation

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